4. cellimagelibrary:

    Astrocytes, Neurons, and Purkinje cells, oh my!

    Image of the Week - June 03, 2013

    This week the image of the week features the whole library and the NEW Pivot View. 


    The NEW Pivot View lets you visually explore the whole library in just moments. Want to compare Astrocytes, Neurons, and Purkinje cells? Simply click on them in the left and then be sure to hit the graph view button (circled in red here).

    Want to re-use some of the images? Now you can search on the licensing requirements just as easily. See the category on the left hand search. 

    This is currently a beta release please, if you encounter any problems email Cellimagelibrary@mail.ncmir.ucsd.edu.

    We welcome all feedback. 

    (via molecularlifesciences)


  5. Fantastic piece by Deborah Blum.